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If you have information about what has happened to Shannan Maria Gilbert or that may assist with the identification of the Long Island serial killer(s) please contact us in confidence.

About Shannan

Shannan Gilbert 300x157 About Shannan As news spreads about a possible serial killer on Long Island, one name has remained a missing person’s, and not a murder case.

Shannan Gilbert.

Gilbert went missing in May 2010, after something went wrong at a home she was visiting in a beach community on Long Island.

While many fear the worst, friends and family are not giving up. And they are committed to telling the story of a young woman who has made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Shannan Maria Gilbert was born October 24, 1986 on Long Island. She has three sisters, a mother and an aunt. She last lived on Columbus Avenue in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Shannan graduated high school at age 16, and held dreams of being a singer and a songwriter.

She loved to cook, write poetry, and friends say, she was always there for them.

In reality, Gilbert worked as an escort, reportedly using Craig’s list to solicit business. That’s what brought her to Long Island the night she was last seen running from something terrifying.

The search for Shannan Gilbert started it all, leading police to the remains of several missing women, but so far she not been listed among the victims.