Four Killers?

At Least Three Killers Dumped Bodies on Long Island Beach

Megan waterman 1 300x224 Four Killers?

Megan Waterman

The increasingly gruesome news from the Long Island beaches has been difficult for the families of the victims who have been identified so far. With each new corpse uncovered they are struck by fresh grief and reach out to each other for solace.

“Every time they find more, it’s like it starts the whole tragedy all over again. It’s like we find out it’s our own child that they found over again,” said Lorraine Ela, the mother of murder victim Megan Waterman.

Ela’s 22-year-old daughter disappeared last June and her body was discovered in December. As the investigation continues, Ela said that she sends Facebook messages to other victims’ relatives daily and has developed a strong bond with them.

“They’re like family. We’re like one big family,” she said. [read the entire article at ABC News]

Anonymous Tips

If you have information about what has happened to Shannan Maria Gilbert or that may assist with the identification of the Long Island serial killer(s) please contact us in confidence.