crime scene Exclusive!These are the unanswered questions behind Shannan Gilbert’s disappearance. Before she went missing May 1, 2010, Shannan’s final hours were spent at a beach community in Oak Island, New York.  She wasn’t there to play, she was a working girl and had answered a call for sex.  Her final minutes were filled with terror.

We focus on the key players who may hold the clues to solving this case.


Dr Peter Hackett

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Dr. Peter Hackett | s296.photobucket.com


Key Questions:

  • Was he the last person to see Shannan alive?
  • Did he work as the self-proclaimed security guard of the Oak Beach gated community where Shannan was last seen?
  • What is the story behind his mysterious phone call to Shannan’s mother?
  • Did he tell Mari he got her phone number from Shannan because he required a family contact number, “to let her stay at his shelter home.”
  • Why did he deny that call at a later date when Shannan’s sisters came to visit ?
  • Why did he later deny letting Shannan stay there that night?
  • Why is the gated community’s security videotape missing from that night of Shannan’s disappearance?

 Joseph Brewer – 46 year old alleged john

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Joseph Brewer | nydailynews.com

  • Reportedly purchased Shannan’s services via Craigslist.
  • Shannan dropped off at his home – 8 The Fairway, Oak Island, New York  - at approximately 2 AM May 1, 2010  
  • Claims Shannan left his house “hysterical”
  • Lie detector test  “inconclusive”
  • Repeatedly denied involvement
  • PD has not said he is a suspect
  • Moved from neighborhood shortly after police raided his house  
  • Brewer’s family owns many homes on Long Island  

 Key Questions:  Why isn’t Brewer targeted for human-trafficking ???


According to Robin Sax, Attorney, former Sex Crime Prosecutor, and expert on human trafficking, Brewer should be held responsible under the Federal Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000. 

Says Sax,  “We know he bought Shannan’s sexual services. That makes him a john. This guy would not only be on my radar, but by now, he should be charged for sexual exploitation. TVPA applies to the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for the purpose of a commercial sex act.  The fact this hasn’t happened is outrageous and an insult to Shannan’s family.”

Michael M. Pak Age: 41 years old

The Driver – brought Shannan to Brewer’s house the night she was last seen. 

Key Questions: What does Pak know about Shannan’s night of terror?

 Why did Shannan call him repeatedly between 3:00 – 4:00 AM just before she went missing?

  • What did Shannan tell him -each call lasts between 1 and 6 minutes?
  • Was Pak there when Shannan ran from Brewer’s home screaming?
  • Did he see her knock on a neighbor’s door begging for help?
  • What does he know about Shannan’s 23 minute call to 911?
  • Did he attend the party at Brewer’s house ?
  • Were Shannan and Michael starting their own escort business before she went missing?
  • Why did he leave the area and move to Georgia ?

 Shannan’s mysterious calls – to 911 and her driver

 Shannan’s Phone Records


05/01/10 4:51 AM 911-000-0000 Emergency, 23

05/01/10 4:09 AM NEW YORK,NY 1 Michael Pak

05/01/10 3:15 AM NEW YORK,NY 2 Michael Pak

05/01/10 3:13 AM Incoming, 1 Michael Pak

05/01/10 3:04 AM NEW YORK,NY 6 Michael Pak

05/01/10 3:00 AM Incoming, 3 Michael Pak

05/01/10 2:57 AM NEW YORK,NY 3 Michael Pak

05/01/10 2:55 AM BABYLON,NY 1 Oak Beach CVS


05/01/10 12:25 AM NEW YORK,NY 1 Michael Pak

05/01/10 12:23 AM NEW YORK,NY 2 Michael Pak

05/01/10 12:20 AM NEW YORK,NY 3 Michael Pak

04/30/10 10:02 PM NEW YORK,NY 2 Michael Pak

Key unanswered questions:

  • Shannan’s earring was found in front of J. Brewer’s house by her sisters (PD missed this)
  • Detectives recovered Shannan’s jacket in the brush where she had run early in their initial search, but now tell the family “it’s lost.” They also say they don’t have her purse, ID, cell phone.


  1. CoCoB says:

    Last I heard, when a bad guy gets popped for robbing a bank even the driver of the get-away-car is squeezed. Guess this isn’t the same in this circumstance is it?

    One year since that girl has been gone and 10 dead bodies. What does it take? It’s long past time to start squeezing.

    • admin says:

      Hiya CoCo – great to see you!
      What has brought you here. You are usually around crimes against children, right?

  2. Justice Seeker says:

    Thank you guys for doing this site and recognizing the connection to trafficking. It makes NO sense that NO ONE is in jail….police, hello, have you ever heard of arresting for the viable felonies to get the dudes to roll?

    • admin says:

      Hi Justice Seeker – thanks for stopping by.
      Maybe Robin and her team will soon learn exactly what it IS that has been done so far that takes all the witnesses off the hot seat.
      I have no own theory of what that IS.
      Or maybe I mean “IS NOT”.

  3. Wondering says:

    Wonder if Brewer and/or Hackett has friends or relatives within the Long Island police?

    • admin says:

      Interesting comment Wondering, thanks for reading and bringing that up.
      It blows my mind that the Doctor rode around the neighborhood in a car complete with flashing red lights acting as a rent-a-cop for the gated community. Thats gets murkier with the understandong the security tapes for that night have gone missing.

  4. cornholio says:

    PH has two prosthetic limbs. Which is why he walks with a limp.

  5. P. A. Daugherty says:

    This store AND pharmacy is open 24 hours a day. I wonder if JB or others needed some Viagra?

    If I were the police, I would check out a few things regarding the CVS Pharmacy:

    1.) Did MP pick up some meds called in late that night for SG or another person at the CVS pharmacy after SG called MP? Look at ALL Rx called in and/or picked up during that night from midnight to 4:51 am, regardless of what name the Rx is in. Sometimes, fake names are used. Consider the implications of the medications, especially if something other than blood pressure, or other chronic care medicines.

    2.) Did a doctor use SG’s phone to call in a script?

    3.) Did someone us SG’s phone to call someone who works(ed) at CVS?

    The travel time between JB’s then-#8 The Fairway House and the CVS Pharmacy is 11 minutes. Looking at the calls with MP, SG could have called MP and asked him to pick up a medication(s) at CVS. He likely called SG when he arrived at CVS. Like with any Pharmacy, MP had to wait. MP likely called SG at 4:09 to tell her that he was outside with the medication(s) or whatever.

    • admin says:

      Interesting concept, PA Daughtery!
      I like it – perhaps LE should get all the calls to that pharm during the time frame in question.
      Wonder how long the CVS security video tapes are kept…
      Any other ideas?

  6. Will says:

    It so obvious it screaming at us all that Joe Brewer is the serial killer. I bet police are just waiting for something before they arrest him. What I hope and pray is that Joe Brewers money and community status haven’t afforded him any liency from the local authorities.

    • admin says:

      Interesting perspective about Brewers status. Here I always thought he was just an average guy, well, a guy that is clearly willing to risk all by arrest or public embarassment if caught paying for sex, er, companionship.
      Wonder what the profile is of the average “john” and how many characteriistics are shared with what is known about serial killers.

  7. John Prewett says:

    I fully believe Brewer either killed her, or knows who did.

  8. admin says:

    I think we’ll all learn more in the next couple weeks. Stay tuned?!

  9. admin says:

    I think it’s safe to say now that Robin is the game that whatever questions can be answered in the public domain will be. The next couple weeks are going to be interesting on Long Island I would venture to guess.

  10. Questions says:

    Thank-god for Robin. I am getting more and more disgusted watching how things are being handled. And how they have been handled from day one. I can’t even imagine how difficult this must be as the family. I just read a whole article on the lengths they went to to apprehend Philip Markoff. They basically caught him by pouring through phone records and internet records. Not only his but the victims. If they could catch him then I just dont see how they haven’t caught this guy yet. I could be wrong. I just feel like something more needs to be done.

  11. admin says:

    Hi Questions!
    It is indeed unfortunate that Robin has one case at all seems like she handles all the ones that are grossly bungled or received zero attention. In this case maybe a bit of both. *sigh*

    I can’t imagine the shock these families have been through and continue to suffer from loss, lack of closure all on top of society’s sharp criticism from the lack of understanding of human trafficking.

    If you were driving this investigation train, what would be your priorities?

  12. admin says:

    Hi Ron and thanks for stopping by!

    I am pretty sure there were no dogs. No search. No nada after LE left the scene after finally responding at 6am.
    And for the moment I would agree with you ..either she ducked into a nearby residence or left with the driver. ‘Course there is the pissibility she made it to the main road and someone else nabbed her – what do you think the chances are of that?

  13. admin says:

    Hi Susie!
    Sorry, I don’t have the answer but the “world axis marker of fame” is interesting – which girls?

Anonymous Tips

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