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Police on Long Island began stumbling upon bodies December, when they found the remains of four women between Oak Beach and Gilgo Beach; they were in an advanced state of decomposition. All four have been identified.

 Since that initial discovery, the remains of four additional unidentified people have been found in the same geographical area. Authorities are also awaiting the results of tests on two sets of bones believed to be human that were found on the beach last week.

There is a possibility that the same killer is responsible for at least four murders that occurred in New Jersey more than four years ago.

In some instances, identifications of remains are still pending, but investigators say that the majority of the victims in both states were involved in prostitution at the times of their deaths. In a recent interview with Investigation Discovery, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Park Dietz, president of Park Dietz & Associates, said that prostitutes are often prime targets of serial killers. [read the entire article at ID Investigation Discovery]

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